3 Products Out of 1

How would I get 3 products out of just 1???

First let’s look at the best product to create from scratch.

In my opinion, this could be different for others, would be a video. Most people have or can borrow a video camera. Let’s say we are going to show how to build a doghouse out of recycled newspapers. If you know how to build a doghouse out of recycled newspapers and someone came to you and asked for you to teach them. How would to do that?

Would you write it down? Or record an MP3 for their iPod? Or would you show them?

Now just because making a video to SHOW someone how to do a project really is the best way to teach them to do the task. But, an ebook and audio file are also good when your student is away from the computer or tv, if it’s on dvd.

For me it is easier to read a book that I can hold in my hands plus I can take it with me to look over or study while away from home. The audio can be downloaded to your iPod or ripped to a cd for play when on the go.

The video we would watch first and during the building process.

“OK, I get it!”, you say. “Best is to have/offer all 3, video, audio, and print. Then how would I create all three easily.”

First you create the video showing tools used and all steps from start to finish on how to build this doghouse. Then after you have your video you can edit it for free with either Windows MovieMaker or iMovie for Mac. These are programs that come pre-installed on PC’s and Mac’s. Both of these programs are pretty simple to wrap your head around plus Microsoft and Apple have video’s to show how to use them. And of course, you can always go to YouTube for loads more tutorials submitted by people there.

After your video is edited you then have your 1 product.

Product number 2 is the audio which can be pulled from the video using one of the above programs.

Product number 3 will take the longest but is easier once the video is done. Either edited or not. What you do is watch the video pausing occasionally while you write to catch up. Once your rough draft is complete you can go back and expand on different areas if need be. If possibly you forgot to mention something while shooting the video you can add it to the ebook without re-shooting the video. Also, you can then use this draft to go back and create your Table of Contents last instead of first. “Thanks, Phil, you know who you are.”

A little polish to the book here and there and your done outside of creating your ebook cover which can be done simply enough, there are many both paid and free versions available of this type of software.

And there you have it, 3 products out of 1. Or 4 out of 1 if you also make a transcript of the video.

And to make it even easier you could buy some PLR video(s) and follow the same steps.

Bingo….even less “work”.

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