Authority Blog Profits Review From The Inside

abp-banner2Authority Blog Profits by Sergio Felix is a one size fits all blog instructional course that delivers. I thought I knew all I needed to know about WordPress blog basics and beyond but, I learned something in every video. Every One! There are like 17 modules at last count and each module has several videos explaining everything you need to know to start a profitable blog.

Everything you need to know step-by-step from your hosting and domain name to setting up WordPress fast, posts and pages (what is the difference), plugin’s and widgets, keeping your blog secure from hackers, themes, and a ton of other stuff just related to your blog itself.

He also covers different ways to drive traffic, how to get more bang from your posts by auto-distributing them through various social media channels, how to monetize your blog (there are several head slappers in here), how to secure your downloads so those sneaky people won’t be able to access all your downloads just by having access to one of them.

That’s not all…he explains squeeze pages, landing pages, membership sites, paypal, backing up your blog and a whole mess of stuff I haven’t mentioned.

Plus, so much more. There is a Facebook private group for us that is worth the price of admission all by itself. You ask a question, BLAM, Sergio is on it. Have specific questions about the training he will explain in explicit detail or make a video or both.

Also, something I like is that he is making a new video as I write this on how exactly to set up a new product funnel using JVZoo which is best to start with in my opinion. So many courses I have seen that have left something out or they say go look it up on YouTube. Sergio leaves nothing out and if there is something extra you would like to see in the members area just ask in the Facebook group.

Authority Blog Profits is a solid, no brainer purchase especially at the low price he is asking.


Darren Dillman


P.S. Be sure to join the Facebook Group and say Hi, I’ll be in there.




If You Really Want To Make Money Online


You must stop being the buyer AND start being the seller

Are you tired of buying course after course of the latest flash in the pan, hit of the day, supety duper, “How to make Money Online” program that is not quite the step by step blueprint that was claimed in the sales page?
Do you really want to make money online?

Substantial job ending income?
Then you need to stop buying every new course that crosses your path.

Stop buying into every slick sales page claims.

We have all fallen for all their smoke and mirrors, all their hypey sales pages.


You need to get out of their sales funnels and start your own.


How to make money online…in a nutshell.


  1. You must create a list…Period. 
  2. You then send related offers to that list in your chosen niche.


Thats it…..


In the beginning you will be sending affiliate offers to generate some income.


But, the job ending income is when you create your own product so affiliates can sell for you.So instead of a cut of the product price you will get full amount when you send to your list. And when you drive traffic yourself.


You can have affiliates selling for you. So if you have 10, 25, 50, 100 or more affiliates promoting your product, can you imagine how your income could increase at an astounding rate?


Imagine if each affiliate sent just one buyer to you a month? When you wanted to increase your income you could either create another product to send to your list and to your separate list of affiliates.


Or just concentrate on recruiting more affiliates.


Practically everyone making real good money online are doing these 2 things over and over in their chosen niche or niches. 

Not 10 or 20 different niches or a 100 as some would have you believe. Just a few solid niches and you are set.


But, how do you do these things simply and quickly?


It takes some work. Not work like the kind of work where you slave all day everyday at your day job. But, there are certain skills that you must learn to set up these income streams.

The good news is that it doesn’t take that long to learn these skills if taken in bite size morsels in the sequence that you will later put them into action.


…after you learn the basic skills you don’t need to re-learn them every time you set up a new income stream. And every time you do it, it gets easier.


It IS just like riding a bike.

The day after you first rode a bike, did you magically forget how overnight?

Did mom or dad have to run along behind holding onto the seat, again?
Of coarse not, you hopped on your bike and took off. Plus, each day you got better and better till it was second nature to where you didn’t even need to think about it.


That is how you will be in your online business once you decide to learn the skills necessary to build your business. And it will get easier, if you learn these skills.
KEEP READING…Don’t freak out and stop reading because of fear of what lies ahead. Continue…you will be glad you did. It is crazy simple.

How much will all this cost me?
As for the costs to start building your business…
Much less than the endless mounds of cash you’ve been spending on countless programs that have promised the moon and not delivered.
This is a business and you will have to invest some money in your business but not a ton.
Many have an image in their heads that since it is easy to surf the internet then it must be just as easy to make money on the internet.

And many marketers would like you to believe all you need to do is click a few buttons, put up some ads, write a few articles and boom easy money for life.
Unfortunately, it is not that easy. If it were, you would not be reading this email. You would be sitting on a beach, sipping tropical drinks and admiring your 300 foot yacht that is sitting right off the beach sitting right next to my mega yacht. 😉
Stop buying and start selling.

You should not be buying anything unless it is critical to your business RIGHT NOW!!!

If you don’t have your list building machine in motion then you don’t need the newest traffic generating technique. Literally, don’t put the cart before the horse.
No matter how great the sales page sounds or how few copies they say are available.

Do Not Buy Anything you don’t absolutely need today.
You should follow that same advice for anything I send you as well.
I used to get frustrated with people sending me offer after offer but, realized not everyone on their list was at the same stage I was at so some offers were good for me and others weren’t.

No Problem.

I can tell you that I don’t send tons of mail filling your inbox with everything under the sun.
If I am using it, I’ll pass it along. Or if I have used it in the past I will pass that along too.
Also, I don’t send out any of that scammy guru crap either.

I like people who give a condensed product that fixes a particular problem without you or I having to read 100+ pages or watching a bazillion videos to understand it.
Unless those extra pages and videos are filled with step by step screen shots or video that are essential in showing how to implement something. That is ok in my book and appreciated.

I’ll come back to the actual task sequence further on in this post.

For now, I want to dig in a little to your own product development. Don’t do what I did when I first started.
I had purchased an ebook and read through a few pages when this guy, (I don’t remember his name or the ebook), said I needed to create my own product to make any sustainable income online.
I was so new and unaware that I thought he meant I needed to create a product about internet marketing. That was the last sentence I read in that ebook. It didn’t click with me that he meant create a product on a subject that I already knew a lot about.  A niche.
I am willing to bet in the next paragraph, had I kept reading, he would have explained that to me. I could of saved years of frustration if only I had kept reading.
Which brings me to a point I would like to share. If you buy anything or go to the trouble of downloading a free report or ebook. Be sure you read the entire thing before you convince yourself it isn’t for you.

Creating Your Own Product

Creating your own product can be as simple as writing an ebook on how to build an awesome sandcastle. If in fact you know how to build awesome sandcastles.
Ask yourself, “What do I know how to do really well?”.
Continue to read but keep this question in your mind. Also be thinking of skills of people you know. You could just as easily write an ebook or create videos of something a friend or acquaintance is skilled at….
Do It Yourself is a huge market and will continue to be that way because people like to save money by building something themselves rather than pay full retail.

Also, if creating a video product scares you because you don’t like being on camera or the fact of being a solo marketer makes it hard to do. Because holding the camera and trying teach someone to do whatever in your niche is hard or you can’t get anyone to help you that are as serious about it as you are….take a look at First Person Video Revolution….it solves many of the problems you face.

Here are some examples to get your brain cranking…

  • How to build a Jamaican Grill out of a 55 gallon drum.
  • How to make a Jamaican music drum
  • How to play those drums
  • How to cook ethnic foods
  • How to cook your grandmas or mom’s best dishes
  • How to lay laminate flooring
  • How to build a computer from scratch.
  • How to replace a computer hard drive
  • How to troubleshoot and repair LCD tv’s
  • How to troubleshoot furnace repairs
  • How to install a lift kit on a 4×4

It could be anything. You don’t need to worry yourself too much about whether your chosen niche is going to make you hundreds or thousands per month.

You just need to be able to wrap your head around the fact that after you create a product that you can get paid over and over indefinitely.
After you set up your sales funnel online, of course. But we will get to that later.
If you make rustic wooden end tables and sell them in a local store or newspaper. You will only get paid for each end table you make.
But, write an ebook with step by step instructions and pictures or videos of how to make those same rustic end tables. Then sell that ebook or video product unlimited times to DIYer’s and hobbyists…forever!!
Even when you are asleep or on vacation.
I realize most reading this have already been told this many times over. There are those, I am sure, who are fairly new to online marketing and haven’t been enlightened to the true beauty of creating your own ebooks and/or video products to sell.
After you have created your info product or products you can sell them indefinitely on autopilot or damn close to autopilot outside of website maintenance, customer service, etc.
which can be outsourced easy enough after you get the ball rolling and most importantly getting the cash flowing into your bank account.
There are a lot of marketers who say they have outsourced almost everything from the beginning. That takes money and for those who don’t have a lot of it laying around outsourcing will have to wait.
Plus, it is my thinking that you really need to know how everything works so your outsourced workers cannot hold you over a barrel at any point in the future.
But, after you know how the pieces fit together, how they work, and why they work then when possible you can outsource with no worries or very few.
Where Do I Start, What Do I Do First??

First and foremost you need to build your list…NOW! Not next month or when you get more advanced in your skills etc, etc.
Whether you have a niche or are not quite sure what niche you will enter you need a blog. Your blog will be a hub where everything else you do online will be centered. The cornerstone of your online business.
Before we get into the nuts and bolts of each step we need to know the steps.
These steps will give you the motivation to push forward.
It is a real simple plan. Implementing this plan is where many run off the road making it much harder than it needs to be. I did for years until I had it explained to me differently.
The guru’s like to keep you in their funnel rather than giving you all the pieces or they’ll give you a “roadmap” that is much more confusing than the actual process is.
The key is to start slow then ramp it up as you get familiar with the process and feel comfortable expanding on your basic business model.
To learn the step by step details of how to properly set up your own online business sign up to my 10 Day Fast Start ECourse and Newsletter in the sidebar to your right.
See you on the inside,
P.S. If you have a question about anything you can post a comment to any of my posts. I can respond directly to your question there or write an entire post about your concern if it needs a more detailed  explanation. All comments are moderated by me personally so is a great place to ask questions so others may benefit as well.

Quick Start Challenge – Week 2 Challenge

Well, I knew this was coming. I knew Dean was going to have us do a video on camera to send out to the world. I figured I better get it done before the fear and procrastination got the better of me again. I said at the beginning that I was going to do whatever it took, whatever Dean asked me to do I was going to do it.

Though not great and obviously needing a tan in a major way, I believe I did ok. Maybe better eye contact with the camera, too. But for somebody that is very camera shy I think it’s a good start. Heck, I wrote an entire book on how to avoid this very thing of being on camera for those who are extremely camera shy. At this writing it is in the upper right corner of this website if you’re interested. Actually, it’s a good read for any solo marketer in a real world, non internet marketing type niche but, that’s for another post.

Besides making more videos which should get easier with every one I do, it should be fairly smooth sailing from here on out since my biggest fear is out of the way. Not conquered by any means but, the first hurdle is past which is normally the hardest.

Quick Start Challenge 2.0

Wow…I’ve been away way too long. Frustration, overwhelm, and procrastination had gotten the better of me. Especially that last one. Procrastination is the worst because it is the opposite of action. Consistent action I am told snowballs into ongoing success whereas procrastination is a virus that keeps you from it. Doing something proactive every day will keep me involved and focused on my goals. Putting something off for even one day can leave you stranded for who knows how long. Tomorrow never comes and life tends to throw you curve balls when you “plan” on doing this or that tomorrow.

What brought me back?

  • The Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo

QSC 2.0 is a coaching program for beginners and those of us who have gotten stuck or lazy or both. It is to get me refocused and help me get results in my online business quick plus help build consistent income going forward.

That is key for me. I have made some money online. I still get a random check in the mail every 3 or 4 months for here or there. Normally less than a hundred bucks. Better than a poke in the eye, yes…but not what I want from my online business.

I have thrown myself into several things in the past. I mean really committed to them, ignoring all else. Really giving it a go. Turns out I committed my energy to the wrong programs. “But you are making money.” you say. Just keep doing what you are doing, scale it up till you are making the dough I desire? The money is only part of it…Freedom is most important. I would need 1,000 or more websites, niche blogs or whatever to get there. There is a ton of work involved in 1,000 blogs or even 100 blogs. Updating themes and plugins would be a full time job. Yes, I could outsource but I believe there is a better way to get the freedom I desire. I have tasted that freedom and I want it back.

The Quick Start Challenge will be my vehicle to propel me toward that freedom. Dean says, “QSC isn’t a get rich quick system, it’s a get rich…forever system.” And I believe him.

Please enter text here...

All My Sites Broke At The Same Time

Had a bit of a panic situation a few minutes ago. I went to login to one of my sites to prep a membership site I am building and got a blank screen with an error code at the top saying my server didn’t have the correct or any “ionCube PHP Loader” installed. I checked a handful of other sites…all down…CRAP!! The error message told me which Loader version I needed but when I followed the link within the error message that version wasn’t there in the Wizard. Turns out I am glad it wasn’t there because that page freked me out because I had no clue how to proceed with it anyway.

I have had to dig around in cPanel before to fix things and have pretty much lucked out apparently because I really am not the computer whiz. If you ever have a problem like this you can try this work around which turned out to be much easier and not incredibly complicated at all. I wish I had taken a screen capture of the error screen so I could show you what it looked like but, I was just scrambling to get it fixed so didn’t think that far ahead.

I use Hostmonster…they use the standard cPanel that I have seen with other hosts so it may be the same fix but, just to be sure if you have a different host check their Knowledge Base in the help section to be sure you are doing it right. There have been a couple of other times that I screwed things up and had to contact a tech to help me. Lucky again that I must have picked a good host because they had walked me through the fix easily and quickly. They have great customer service, something you must have with a host in the event you have a problem that you don’t know how to fix.

First, before I show you the fix I wanted to go into why I think it broke in the first place. This is just a hunch but, very likely since I have never had a problem with anything breaking on Hostmonster’s side. It has been either my screw up or a third party. This is key, I have never let anyone inside my account before because I didn’t know if I could trust anyone to go in, do what they were there for then leave without doing anything sneaky.

So why did I let someone in? Well, it was my only option and this company and the guy’s involved are well-known and have been killing it online for a long time so I felt comfortable allowing them in because of their reputation and had no qualms about them being inside my hosting account.

Basically, they were setting up a special site for me and I am thinking that while configuring the site something got turned off or an earlier version of the ionCube Loader got installed and activated. I got it fixed in about 5 minutes so it wasn’t a big deal and very likely they didn’t know about my other sites going down. I haven’t contacted them yet but, will as soon as I finish this post in case another customer or their’s had the same problem not knowing how to fix it or if it was because they inadvertantly installed an earlier version of the ionCube they could be sure to use the newest version in the future.

In fact it may be quite rare that it happened at all because I use a special theme on several of my sites that needs the newest version of the iCL and it could have been just a fluke. I did go and check the new site after I fixed the other ones to be sure that I didn’t break something on there. All is well there also. I was so proud of myself for fixing the breakdown so quickly I went for a smoke break and thought…Uh Oh!!!….better check the other one. It is fine so very relieved that everything is hunky dorey now.


The fix…here goes…

To find your cPanel easily type in the address bar in your browser like this 

Use your domain name, of course.

Go to your cPanel >> about 3/4 the way down the page you will see a section called Software/Services >> click on the PHP Config icon as shown below…








Then you will see a screen like below or similar…


Step 1:

Choose which version you need…in my case I needed Version 5.2

This is where my luck kicked in again.

First I tried the first option ” PHP 5.2 “

This one did not fix the problem so I took the next logical one which was the 3rd one ” PHP 5.2 (FastCGI) “

Remember, if you are not absolutely sure this is what needs done ( even though I wasn’t ) lol. Check the Knowledge Base or ask for Help from Customer Service. As I said I was fairly confident that I was doing it right, ok…maybe 60/40. lol.

Step 2:

Tick the box for IonCube

Step 3:

Click “Save Changes”

Leave that window open.


Open a new tab in your browser to check or refresh it if you already have it open.

If your site is live again with no other issues that you can see you are done.

If it is still broken, you can either go back and do steps 1, 2, and 3 again or contact support. If you do try again be sure to write down what you do so in the event this doesn’t fix your problem you can relay to the Customer Service Rep what changes you made so he/she can switch it back to the default setting and proceed from there.

But, I am “fairly confident” that this will do the trick. I think… 90/10 this time. I really wish I had that screen shot of the error to show you. Unfortunately I don’t and I don’t really know how to break it again to get it. Not real sure I want to either. 🙂

Hope this helps you out now or in the future.

See you next time….

I Love Send to Kindle App

Send To Kindle AppThe Send to Kindle App is such a time saver for me. Plus I don’t have to download anymore pdf’s to my hard drive to be eventually lost because I forgot where I put them or basically forget what I want to get read or read next. It is also a ton easier than screwing around with iBooks. With iBooks I always had to open iTunes, drag n drop all my pdfs I want moved to iTunes, then sync iTunes to my phone or iPad which took way longer than it should. With Send to Kindle that is exactly all you have to do. I have a Mac so I have the app located in my dock at the bottom of the desktop a couple slots away from “Downloads” slot. So I download the pdf(s) to the “Download” folder/slot then just drag n drop them right into the app on my dock and bingo up pops one screen, I press the send button and in about 3 or 4 seconds it is sent to my Kindle Cloud so I can open and read any pdf on any device. They have this app for PC too, of course and also for Google Chrome with Mozilla and Safari coming soon or send to kindle from email or your android device. Like I said you can drag from your download folder right into the app one at a time or open the app and your download folder first then drag in drop multiple pdf’s all at once.  Send To Kindle And for some reason the pdf’s that I send to kindle using this app are rendered better than Kindle books that are in pdf format uploaded to the Kindle store instead of switching the document over to .mobi format before sending it to the store. I don’t know why the Kindle books in pdf come out so broken and the ones that are sent with this app turn out so good. I’m just glad this way works. Also, when I pull doc’s straight from “downloads” to the app it doesn’t leave a copy in your DL folder. It just transfers it so like I said you are not loading up your hard drive with unnecessary pdfs that’ll never get read anyway since you’ll be reading them on one of your other Kindle devices. That’s it. Go get the app “Send To Kindle” at Amazon here. It is such a time saver and headache reliever.

Do I Buy OTO’s?

I only buy OTO’s or Upsells if they have good value, say exactly what I’m getting, AND if I actually need it. Just because something appears to be a heck of a deal doesn’t mean buy, buy, buy. That’s what the seller wants of course and is good for him but, if you don’t really need what is in there then don’t buy. If you have no need for 10 mini-sites or a boatload of graphics or even PLR to a course then I don’t buy.

I have seen some who offer a membership that normally sells for $97/month for say $27/month or $27 for an entire year which is a great deal but, I don’t real need to be in another membership even if it’s only $27 for a year unless it’s for Chris Farrell Membership or someone similar then I’d be all over it. But, to my knowledge Chris hasn’t offered anything like that so I wouldn’t wait on something that’ll probably not happen.

Ryan Lee has a good private forum membership that is only $10/month with excellent content and more added weekly plus lots of great helpers and giver’s in there. There are very likely some other very good memberships out there for low prices but really how much time do you really have pouring over tons of content and videos when you should be working.

Working means applying what you have learned not reading and watching videos constantly. I know it is hard to stay on target and focused with all the mail you are bombarded with on a daily basis but you really need to be working more than you are studying.

I don’t like being on a bunch of mailing lists just for the plain fact that most of them pound you daily or multiple times per day with mail. They all preach about giving value emails with an occasional pitch email but rarely do any of these people follow their own advice. In fact alot of these guys and gals who mail daily are just doing ad swaps with everybody under the sun which is just killing their lists.

I know…I’ve went of topic here but I sometimes do that. Basically, if you really need the OTO and it’s a real good deal then it’s a judgment call on your part.

Ok, back to my baby rant.

Any more when I do click through on an email when they say “they” have something for me for free on this, that or the other and all it an obvious ad swap I bail. And if they continue the adswap thing I just unsubscribe. They’ll never notice it or even care with there ten’s or hundred’s of thousands of subscribers. I have no time for that and the last thing I need is something for free that is just going to get me pummeled with more mail from a new list.

I don’t send out very many promo’s for this exact reason. If I pick something up that I really like and use or have used I’ll pass it along but the daily mail thing just isn’t wise, in my opinion. Sometimes I’ll do like a 5 day mini-course or 7 day and I tell my list ahead of time that I am doing it. There are just so many hours in your day so I know you will get burnt out fast if I am sending daily mail even if it the best stuff in the world. Like I said earlier you are not working when you are studying.

I’ll wrap this up with this little bit of advice. If you are “working” on your squeeze page then work on your squeeze page. No need to get side tracked or even worry about the next big traffic brew-ha-ha or anything else. Get that squeeze completed. Get that funnel created then worry about traffic.

If you are working on an ebook or video series then get it done. In fact, if you don’t need the internet on for what you are doing then don’t even open your browser. It is way to easy to burn a few hours “just checking” your email real quick. Or just watching this one video real quick, or checking Facebook or whatever. All that will be there tomorrow or the next day.

Ok, it’s a lot a bit of advice.

Something else regarding the deluge of email you get. Try to wittle down your subscriptions to just a few. Especially the non-business realated ones that you always seem to find yourself on. Get rid of them.

There is nothing so grand that cannot wait a few days which is why I normally will only check my email on Monday evening for 30 minutes, 1 hour max. Once you give your email a much needed trim or butchering you will find that 30 minutes is plenty of time to pop in and out of email once per week so you can get back to work and get shit done.

Well, I think I have been all over the place with this post when initially just wanted to mention something about OTO’s.

So I’m out a here,

Catch ya in a few days or so….