Authority Blog Profits Review From The Inside

abp-banner2Authority Blog Profits by Sergio Felix is a one size fits all blog instructional course that delivers. I thought I knew all I needed to know about WordPress blog basics and beyond but, I learned something in every video. Every One! There are like 17 modules at last count and each module has several videos explaining everything you need to know to start a profitable blog.

Everything you need to know step-by-step from your hosting and domain name to setting up WordPress fast, posts and pages (what is the difference), plugin’s and widgets, keeping your blog secure from hackers, themes, and a ton of other stuff just related to your blog itself.

He also covers different ways to drive traffic, how to get more bang from your posts by auto-distributing them through various social media channels, how to monetize your blog (there are several head slappers in here), how to secure your downloads so those sneaky people won’t be able to access all your downloads just by having access to one of them.

That’s not all…he explains squeeze pages, landing pages, membership sites, paypal, backing up your blog and a whole mess of stuff I haven’t mentioned.

Plus, so much more. There is a Facebook private group for us that is worth the price of admission all by itself. You ask a question, BLAM, Sergio is on it. Have specific questions about the training he will explain in explicit detail or make a video or both.

Also, something I like is that he is making a new video as I write this on how exactly to set up a new product funnel using JVZoo which is best to start with in my opinion. So many courses I have seen that have left something out or they say go look it up on YouTube. Sergio leaves nothing out and if there is something extra you would like to see in the members area just ask in the Facebook group.

Authority Blog Profits is a solid, no brainer purchase especially at the low price he is asking.


Darren Dillman


P.S. Be sure to join the Facebook Group and say Hi, I’ll be in there.

Quick Start Challenge – Week 2 Challenge

Well, I knew this was coming. I knew Dean was going to have us do a video on camera to send out to the world. I figured I better get it done before the fear and procrastination got the better of me again. I said at the beginning that I was going to do whatever it took, whatever Dean asked me to do I was going to do it.

Though not great and obviously needing a tan in a major way, I believe I did ok. Maybe better eye contact with the camera, too. But for somebody that is very camera shy I think it’s a good start. Heck, I wrote an entire book on how to avoid this very thing of being on camera for those who are extremely camera shy. At this writing it is in the upper right corner of this website if you’re interested. Actually, it’s a good read for any solo marketer in a real world, non internet marketing type niche but, that’s for another post.

Besides making more videos which should get easier with every one I do, it should be fairly smooth sailing from here on out since my biggest fear is out of the way. Not conquered by any means but, the first hurdle is past which is normally the hardest.

Quick Start Challenge 2.0

Wow…I’ve been away way too long. Frustration, overwhelm, and procrastination had gotten the better of me. Especially that last one. Procrastination is the worst because it is the opposite of action. Consistent action I am told snowballs into ongoing success whereas procrastination is a virus that keeps you from it. Doing something proactive every day will keep me involved and focused on my goals. Putting something off for even one day can leave you stranded for who knows how long. Tomorrow never comes and life tends to throw you curve balls when you “plan” on doing this or that tomorrow.

What brought me back?

  • The Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo

QSC 2.0 is a coaching program for beginners and those of us who have gotten stuck or lazy or both. It is to get me refocused and help me get results in my online business quick plus help build consistent income going forward.

That is key for me. I have made some money online. I still get a random check in the mail every 3 or 4 months for here or there. Normally less than a hundred bucks. Better than a poke in the eye, yes…but not what I want from my online business.

I have thrown myself into several things in the past. I mean really committed to them, ignoring all else. Really giving it a go. Turns out I committed my energy to the wrong programs. “But you are making money.” you say. Just keep doing what you are doing, scale it up till you are making the dough I desire? The money is only part of it…Freedom is most important. I would need 1,000 or more websites, niche blogs or whatever to get there. There is a ton of work involved in 1,000 blogs or even 100 blogs. Updating themes and plugins would be a full time job. Yes, I could outsource but I believe there is a better way to get the freedom I desire. I have tasted that freedom and I want it back.

The Quick Start Challenge will be my vehicle to propel me toward that freedom. Dean says, “QSC isn’t a get rich quick system, it’s a get rich…forever system.” And I believe him.

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Most IM Products Drive Me Bat Shit Crazy

I just bought another IM product with tons of chatter and buzz…this was IT!!! Or so they said, as they always do, right? Turns out it’s just another fancy website/members area like all the rest. Claiming to show you how to build stellar products, “secrets the guru’s don’t want you to know”…whatever.

Here’s a tip, if you are going to put out the greatest IM product ever then do it. Don’t say you’re going to teach me how to make stellar products when all you’re going to is spend 5 minutes on each of the formats on how to record an audio and save it, how to use a word document and save it as a pdf, or how to make a basic video and save it as an mp4. Really?? That’s your mega awesome training on how to make great products…in minutes??

Just because it only to you a few minutes to go through the half-assed demo doesn’t mean you taught anyone how to make great products in minutes. That’s crap.

What’s the product you ask? Practically every how to make money online product that is put out these days. Very few actually show you the nuts and bolts of the whole procedure.

Instead of just showing me what to do, show me HOW TO DO IT !!!

It is painfully obvious that your mega fantastical product at the amazing low, low price of only $17-$37 is just a come on to gather thousands of new prospects so you can scavenge a select few who actually have money to burn or plastic to melt already to  pay the $5k and up for this uber special training and then another super fantastical mastermind for a mere $10k or more.

All you people who do business this way will burn in the end. Ever heard of “Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword”.

Here’s a thought…how about give your prospects a great starter course for a nominal fee. Get them making money…a little or a lot. Then and only then approach them with something more advanced for a higher price.

You are not over-delivering just because you hype up every aspect of the product then not come through.

Besides not taking action, this is the single biggest problem why people never make any money.

Don’t tell me you’re going to SHOW ME HOW if you’re just going to tell me how.

Any pretenders out there or supreme bullshit artists not have a clue what I’m talking about….Take some direction from Chris Farrell…he does it right AND he SHOWS the HOW and the WHY in step by step detail.

The majority of marketer’s out there should be ashamed of themselves but sadly are not. They just keep shoveling shit expecting us to turn it into ice cream somehow but random luck apparently.


That’s it for today…I’ve needed to get on here and post more regular but, have been busy in other parts of my business. I do this on my own with very little outsourcing, if at all…as I’m sure many of you can relate. I’ll be sure to post more regularly so not to leave you hanging.




P.S. I wasn’t going to pitch a link in this post because I was so fired up about these jerk bags who do it the wrong way and pat themselves on the back for it that I wanted to give you an idea of how it should be done by all. That’s why I gave you the link to the Chris Farrell Membership.

Honestly, this guy is a breath of fresh air if you’ve been in this very long. He has tons of free stuff over there in videos and articles without even subscribing but the membership is golden so is definitely worth a look with the short trial period.

Opportunities Everywhere

In this business it is a good idea to keep your eyes and mind open. Always keeping your brain churning out new ideas for books, courses, joint venture partners…thinking outside the box is key also. Even when you have your blinders on while working on one project. Keep your mind open to new ideas to follow up with later. And by all means write it down.

I keep my notes in notepad on my phone and iPad…I also have multiple tablets filled with notes and ideas that I jot down whether I get an idea or twist on what others are doing while watching a webinar or burning through a new ebook or Kindle book.

I had an “aha” moment yesterday and after a little research today that “aha” turned into a “holy shit” moment. Still researching to be sure it is for real and of course will need to do some personal testing before I write any ebook or put together any course. But, it does look like an incredible opportunity.

Funny thing is I haven’t seen any talk of it yet. Some will say that it’s not likely a money maker then. I don’t believe that logic holds true just because it hasn’t been done before. There are many things in life and in business that slip through the cracks when you’re not paying attention or not even looking in the right direction.

If all works out with my testing then of course my subscribers will get first shot at it for a deep discount before it is available anywhere else.

How did I come across it? Luck really….just one of those things. I was in the right place at the right time with my mind wide open. It’s amazing what you can catch when your mind is wide open.

I know, I know…’re saying, “But, what the hell is it? At least give us a little hint or something.”

But, it is still too early for that. Even though it may be a Grand Slam opportunity there is a chance that it is not viable for any number of reasons that I don’t know about while on the outside looking in. Plus, I don’t want to just blurt it out and have you lose focus of what you’re currently working on to run off like a chicken with it’s head cut off in an entirely different direction.

I have another ebook I am trying to finish up and a membership in a non-IM niche I want to get rolling so I too have other things to keep focused on. But, be sure if this new idea turns out to the real deal and a true goldmine…you, my subscribers and readers will be the first to know.

Keeping your mind open to new opportunities is key in life and business.

Gotta go for now….later, later…


P.S. This new idea I am researching/testing isn’t anything I read about or a new super secret guru crap-tastic formula. Just an idea that looks very promising.

Day 1

Well, I managed to not get much done today. I was kicking ass and taking names or so I thought.

I created my squeeze page graphics, set up my aweber for this list, not completely but as far as I can go at this stage till I get my videos and ebooks loaded to the servers.

Anyway, I was really accomplishing a lot till my theme started giving me problems, not wanting to cooperate in the way I wish it could. I really like WordPress because it let’s you do so many things but sometimes I wish it was a little more user friendly like what I have become accustomed to working with Mac programs.

But, that’s the way it is for now. I believe I found a theme that will work with what I want to do but, I am way too tired to test it tonight.

A good night’s rest and a fresh look at it tomorrow may be what I need. Sometimes you need to step away from the computer when you hit a bump in the road. It helps to clear your head and hit it fresh after a few hours or the next day.

And that is exactly what I am going to do.

Catch you tomorrow with better news.

See Ya

Starting From Zero – Part 2

I have been thinking about my earlier post and wanted to add something to it.

Starting over from zero or from scratch is really not possible. It is not like starting over from scratch like when I first came online poking around looking to make some extra money. Because you cannot delete all the knowledge you have gained from your brain.

When I have read others talk about this they say if they had to start over with nothing they would do this or that…blah, blah, blah. But, there is no starting over from scratch. And that is a very good thing. As I would not want to go through the massive learning curve again or wade through all the crap that is out there.

Just re-focusing my efforts and concentrating on one task at a time will do wonders, I believe. Not following several different mentors but I will whittle it down to a few that give me not only valuable teachings but when I do as they say I gradually begin to see some return on my investment. Not only money, that is important, especially one who has no credit cards and cannot just buy my way there with high-end coaching and all the software and stuff right away. Investment in time is a huge factor. You can’t replace that like you can money in one way or another.

Rather than say I am starting over I should say I am re-focusing my mindset to what needs to be done NOW…today. And then the next day and the next. I know how to get there, I just need to walk the path. It would be faster with a motor bike but, I know that is not likely because there are no free rides.

I could outsource it except I wouldn’t feel good about that for the plain fact that I would not LEARN anything. Why would anyone want to build a business and risk if it all went to hell not be able to fix it because you didn’t take the time to learn the skills to do it yourself? Or what if your outsourced help knows you need them? When someone KNOWS you NEED THEM their price goes up most of the time. Anyone see the price of gas lately? Actually, I am amazed that it took them a 100 years to figure it out. What ever the price is we will pay it.

I don’t want to turn this into a rant about gas.

So to tie this up…starting over or wiping the slate clean can be a good thing. Clear everything away that is not producing the results you desire and move in the direction where you want to end up. If that means taking 2-3 evenings to fully grasp how to edit video with iMovie or whatever program you use, or some other program or skill you have avoided because it scared the hell out of you.

Just get on with it. The only one who can fix your situation is you. All the best mentors in the business cannot build your business for you. You and I need to take their knowledge and direction, a scary as it may seem at times, and run with it.

Sometimes you gotta say…What the F..,,(you know the rest). The point is…if we take action, what is the worst that can happen? A lot of the time that is what holds us back. Worrying about possibly failing in our online endeavors. The fact is…no one knows you yet…so who cares. If you don’t take action now it only means you will have to take action at some point in the future OR give up and go back to the real world and your real shitty job knowing that there is a better life online.

Continue pushing forward, learning the skills and techniques to get us where we want to be….we will get there, you and I, eventually…preferably sooner rather than later.

Taking action NOW is the only clear choice.

And I’m off again. Looks like I’m only getting 4 hours sleep tonight (this morning) so I need to split.

See you tomorrow…