Crazy Con Carny

I made an appearance at the local county fair Friday night. I normally steer clear of the capital of price gouging this time of year. But, when told of some amazing BBQ I couldn’t resist. And while it was good, it wasn’t amazing but just a ploy to get me out there. It worked. šŸ˜‰

While walking through the midway area I was thinking….these carnies have quite a monopoly going because only they can have carnival games and rides, no one else. And it is a good thing for them because it wouldn’t take long for anyone with an ounce of marketing savvy to put them out of business, in the carnival games area anyway.

Now, they do make a killing on the….

$2/ 12 ping pong balls to maybe win a fish that will likely be dead within 24 hours. Our score this year – 3 fish. All 3 dead within a day + 1 dead crab. 1 crab still managing to hang on 3 days later (That is Amazing)(Not the BBQ).

Or the $2/ 1 dart. If you can pop a balloon with that dart you get something that rivals exchanging 10# of tickets at Chuckie Cheese. Worth roughly 10 cents. Woohoo! $2 more for another dart and if you manage the feat once again you will get 1 small stuffed bear which is quite a bargain considering the 1st round prize but still…Really???

And as I scan the area I don’t see anyone walking around with any real cool prizes just the big inflatable dolphins they buy in bulk for a quarter each or much less more than likely. Or a few people may have 5-6 dead fish in their water bags. Live now, dead tomorrow. Maybe by design to entice families to come out and win more fish the next day. Hmmm.

And on, and on, and on.

But, let’s look at this scenario a different way. Would it be more profitable to continue to screw over the patrons when they know full well they are getting hosed and in no way are they going to walk away on top or with a break even deal.


What if these carnival owners were to flip the script and make sure all their prizes are top notch or at least BIG, VERY BIG in some cases. They could buy in bulk at great rates as they do the cheap stuff. But, do you think they might turn a little better profit if more people were playing their games? Many More People, especially after the local radio station mentions all the great prizes they see people walking around with. Plus, other people asking, “Where did you get that Giant SpongeBob?” or something similar.

Instead of the carnies having to practically beg people to play their games there would be people lined up waiting to play.

They could make some games a little more challenging. And still others a little less….impossible!

After you get worked over enough by these carnivals you just stop playing.

Do these scenarios sound somewhat familiar in some ways to online marketing guru’s??? And their opposites, the marketers who give massive value to their customers???

Who do you think will hang around for the long term?

Luckily the shady guru’s shoveling crap don’t have a monopoly on the internet. Many are making a killing and have been for a long time.But, I feel a shift coming. I feel that those producingĀ legitimateĀ coursesĀ that help real peopleĀ like you make money online will prevail.

One way or another the scammers will fade away. Either because they eventually ruin their names and no one will buy from them or the government will get involved and give these people a serious attitude adjustment along the lines of 5-10 years and/or heavy, heavy fines. The latter will get the attention of most and hopefully quell the insanity that has polluted this industry.

Until next time…..

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