Do I Buy OTO’s?

I only buy OTO’s or Upsells if they have good value, say exactly what I’m getting, AND if I actually need it. Just because something appears to be a heck of a deal doesn’t mean buy, buy, buy. That’s what the seller wants of course and is good for him but, if you don’t really need what is in there then don’t buy. If you have no need for 10 mini-sites or a boatload of graphics or even PLR to a course then I don’t buy.

I have seen some who offer a membership that normally sells for $97/month for say $27/month or $27 for an entire year which is a great deal but, I don’t real need to be in another membership even if it’s only $27 for a year unless it’s for Chris Farrell Membership or someone similar then I’d be all over it. But, to my knowledge Chris hasn’t offered anything like that so I wouldn’t wait on something that’ll probably not happen.

Ryan Lee has a good private forum membership that is only $10/month with excellent content and more added weekly plus lots of great helpers and giver’s in there. There are very likely some other very good memberships out there for low prices but really how much time do you really have pouring over tons of content and videos when you should be working.

Working means applying what you have learned not reading and watching videos constantly. I know it is hard to stay on target and focused with all the mail you are bombarded with on a daily basis but you really need to be working more than you are studying.

I don’t like being on a bunch of mailing lists just for the plain fact that most of them pound you daily or multiple times per day with mail. They all preach about giving value emails with an occasional pitch email but rarely do any of these people follow their own advice. In fact alot of these guys and gals who mail daily are just doing ad swaps with everybody under the sun which is just killing their lists.

I know…I’ve went of topic here but I sometimes do that. Basically, if you really need the OTO and it’s a real good deal then it’s a judgment call on your part.

Ok, back to my baby rant.

Any more when I do click through on an email when they say “they” have something for me for free on this, that or the other and all it an obvious ad swap I bail. And if they continue the adswap thing I just unsubscribe. They’ll never notice it or even care with there ten’s or hundred’s of thousands of subscribers. I have no time for that and the last thing I need is something for free that is just going to get me pummeled with more mail from a new list.

I don’t send out very many promo’s for this exact reason. If I pick something up that I really like and use or have used I’ll pass it along but the daily mail thing just isn’t wise, in my opinion. Sometimes I’ll do like a 5 day mini-course or 7 day and I tell my list ahead of time that I am doing it. There are just so many hours in your day so I know you will get burnt out fast if I am sending daily mail even if it the best stuff in the world. Like I said earlier you are not working when you are studying.

I’ll wrap this up with this little bit of advice. If you are “working” on your squeeze page then work on your squeeze page. No need to get side tracked or even worry about the next big traffic brew-ha-ha or anything else. Get that squeeze completed. Get that funnel created then worry about traffic.

If you are working on an ebook or video series then get it done. In fact, if you don’t need the internet on for what you are doing then don’t even open your browser. It is way to easy to burn a few hours “just checking” your email real quick. Or just watching this one video real quick, or checking Facebook or whatever. All that will be there tomorrow or the next day.

Ok, it’s a lot a bit of advice.

Something else regarding the deluge of email you get. Try to wittle down your subscriptions to just a few. Especially the non-business realated ones that you always seem to find yourself on. Get rid of them.

There is nothing so grand that cannot wait a few days which is why I normally will only check my email on Monday evening for 30 minutes, 1 hour max. Once you give your email a much needed trim or butchering you will find that 30 minutes is plenty of time to pop in and out of email once per week so you can get back to work and get shit done.

Well, I think I have been all over the place with this post when initially just wanted to mention something about OTO’s.

So I’m out a here,

Catch ya in a few days or so….


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