First Person Video Revolution

I created “First Person Video Revolution” after my mom bought my dad this funky first person video camera for Christmas 2010. When she first showed it to me I was like “WOW!!! That is cool!!” and immediately saw this camera as a way I could easily produce How To Video Products by myself.

This was a major stumbling block in the past because getting anyone to help me make the videos AND take it seriously was next to impossible. They didn’t believe I could make any real money online with these videos so when I said, “You help me with mine then I’ll help you with yours…”. It didn’t work.

Or they would be goofing off and junk which just irritated the hell out of me. So I tried making them myself which proved to be just as frustrating.

  • Constantly adjusting the camera
  • Continually making sure I was getting the right shot
  • I work around alot of water flying everywhere which is not good for a non-waterproof camera

I had almost given up entirely when this special camera fell in my lap. What is weird is these cameras are being marketed as more or less a novelty item or “spy camera” and not as what I see them as…..

These cameras are perfect for producing How To Video for a limitless number of niches. Anything hands-on where you need both hands free or where over-the-shoulder is not the best view. Especially if someone else is running the camera.

Just off the top of my head here are a few examples…

  • Working on any type of vehicle – especially under the hood or under the car
  • Heating and Cooling Tech troubleshooting a furnace or A/C unit
  • Making sand castles – the real massive ones
  • Installing a sink and/or faucet
  • Building a PC
  • Hell, building anything
  • A doghouse, birdhouse, deck, ice fishing cabin

And speaking of fishing, this is one of my next projects. My dad is an uber fisherman in these parts with many people who come by regularly to pick his brain about this lake or that lake a particular time of the year. They especially come a knockin’ right before a big tournament.

I am going to put together a video series of interviews, on the lake action, and special inventions he has made for his gear. Like a special doo-dad that gives him more snap on his skipping rod. Yeah, this is a perfect use for this camera.

There are so many more niches that First Person Video is a no brainer solution for someone looking to produce their own “How To Video Product”.

Stay tuned…I am nearing completion of my “First Person Video Revolution” book and continuity site.

P.S. Oh crap, I almost forgot, First Person Video, is quite possibly the savior to countless marketers who are scared to death of being in front of that darned camera. Bingo, now you don’t have to be in front of the camera. In fact, you will want to be behind the camera anyway while filming your Hands On How To Videos. Perfect.

P.S.S. Also, in  this upcoming book I reveal the exact camera I use that is pretty hard to locate online. Google drops the ball on this search every time I try it. There are a bunch a cameras available online that would probably work but this one lets you SEE what you are recording WHILE you are recording in REAL TIME. No waiting to download to a computer just to find out you didn’t get the shot you wanted.

It is super cool for sure so be sure to bookmark us or better yet Sign Up for my Newsletter there on the right so you are first to know when I make it available.


UPDATE:   I have decided to not sell this ebook at all. Instead I want to give it to you….No Charge!   Right Here...


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