I Love Send to Kindle App

Send To Kindle AppThe Send to Kindle App is such a time saver for me. Plus I don’t have to download anymore pdf’s to my hard drive to be eventually lost because I forgot where I put them or basically forget what I want to get read or read next. It is also a ton easier than screwing around with iBooks. With iBooks I always had to open iTunes, drag n drop all my pdfs I want moved to iTunes, then sync iTunes to my phone or iPad which took way longer than it should. With Send to Kindle that is exactly all you have to do. I have a Mac so I have the app located in my dock at the bottom of the desktop a couple slots away from “Downloads” slot. So I download the pdf(s) to the “Download” folder/slot then just drag n drop them right into the app on my dock and bingo up pops one screen, I press the send button and in about 3 or 4 seconds it is sent to my Kindle Cloud so I can open and read any pdf on any device. They have this app for PC too, of course and also for Google Chrome with Mozilla and Safari coming soon or send to kindle from email or your android device. Like I said you can drag from your download folder right into the app one at a time or open the app and your download folder first then drag in drop multiple pdf’s all at once.  Send To Kindle And for some reason the pdf’s that I send to kindle using this app are rendered better than Kindle books that are in pdf format uploaded to the Kindle store instead of switching the document over to .mobi format before sending it to the store. I don’t know why the Kindle books in pdf come out so broken and the ones that are sent with this app turn out so good. I’m just glad this way works. Also, when I pull doc’s straight from “downloads” to the app it doesn’t leave a copy in your DL folder. It just transfers it so like I said you are not loading up your hard drive with unnecessary pdfs that’ll never get read anyway since you’ll be reading them on one of your other Kindle devices. That’s it. Go get the app “Send To Kindle” at Amazon here. It is such a time saver and headache reliever.

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