John Thorhill’s Personal Coaching – Week 3

Ready to go with Week 3 Training….Let’s get right to it.

Week 3 pdf – John reiterates the why’s and what for’s of the 16 week program. Slow and Easy…Focused.

Checklist – Same-o same-o…Print and check off tasks when complete.

Week 3 Updates – Be sure to check these updates before watching the video’s because there is a short cut you will miss. It is much easier the new way than it was 2 years ago. And open this PDF while watching your video’s is a good idea.


Audio Consultation – Andy Michaels

Andy explains to John how he has built a list from 0 to 3000 in 6 months (Very, Very Good) but, has kinda hit a wall. John gives tips where to go from here. Especially producing his own product.

Also, touches on what kind of product to make. Ebook, video….both? And as happens with many including myself. You ask yourself “How do I proceed?”


For me personally was I know what I want to write about but get writers block when in front of the screen. Then I got a coarse from Lee McIntyre and he said you need to produce your own product fast (As John also says is most important) and get it out there. The best way to do this they say is make a video or series of videos. 

Immediately when I hear this my heart drops, I lose all my motivation. Make a video? Me? I am sooo camera-shy. My gf says I look like I’m in pain when I have my picture taken. Well….I am in pain. Even though I dreaded it, I knew I had to do it if I really wanted to succeed.

So I would plan to do a video and if I didn’t come up with an excuse in my head to put it off I would go to make a video and whoever was helping, running the camera, would be making faces or messing around. Not being serious. It is so frustrating.

But, something happened around the same time that made it so much easier to make my videos with no help from anyone. A light bulb went off in my head right away when I heard this technique. I thought, “That’s the ticket, that is how I will finally break thru my camera-shy issues to create my own video products!” And thus, I have the makings of my first Internet Marketing Product, too. 🙂

And along comes John Thornhill, again light goes off.

“Hey….I need a step by step, spread over a longer period of time, to be walked through the process slow and steady type of program.”


And perfect timing, too.

I am sure it will be a real game changer for so many people to make money online with their own video products. I am so excited. Even those people who are not camera-shy, who have no problems in front of a video camera or don’t have any problem putting their voice out there will benefit from this technique because there are so many ways it can be used.

As happens with camera-shy people they also are not thrilled with other people hearing their voice. But, for me the major stumbling block was always getting in front of that darned camera. No Longer!!

Plus, many times when I have day dreamed, you know, making it big…..or just replacing my income. Giving me the freedom. I find myself thinking how I then could help others to do the same. To get that freedom. So that is my path I have before me. And I’m Jacked About It.

I’m still putting it together and likely will have it ready in about 90 days as I continue through John’s course. So be sure you sign up for my Newsletter so you will know when I am releasing it. Also, I think I am going to have a pre-launch special only for my Newsletter subscribers.  A special deep, deep discount to get it early before launch. Today is July 22, 2011, so sign up and keep a look out 90 days from now…give or take.

Stay Tuned…..


Back to the Week 3 Training 

Sorry about veering off course for a minute there. I felt it important to let you know how I got here and why I am here. OK?

Here we go….

Week 3 Videos – 

By the way, each Step is a different video. It is much better than pausing, unpausing, pausing again.

Step 1 – Download Themes is a Must Watch John says. (I feel all videos are a must watch, even if you’ve set up a blog before) John gives us special themes so everyone is working with the same themes and I assume will be easier to address any problems that arise for anybody. Plus, these themes are Adsense optimized so that’s a definite bonus.

Step 2 – Extract Files – John shows us how to extract files from the zip folder. Easy, peazy.

Step 3 – Get Adsense Code – John takes us through Adsense step by step. Many times in other courses they just say, “Go to Google Adsense, follow what Google says to do, Get your code, and then come back to continue the video”

Not John, he takes us through in baby steps. I have used Adsense before but, I know it is a little intimidating the first time through for anyone who is totally new. I know I have said this before but….this is what I like about John’s coaching style. “Assume they know nothing”.   Perfect.

Step 4 – Add Adsense Code to Blog – Again, Step by Step.

Step 5 – Upload Themes – You’ll need FileZilla again here (Mac and PC Compatible) In other courses I have normally had problems with the FTP process. Mostly, I think, because in those other courses  they Do Not have the mindset of “Assume they know nothing. Take them through in baby steps” as John does. Here though, I breezed through with no problems. I even used FileZilla which I didn’t much care for before and purchased one that was a little easier to use. I must use FileZilla now because the other one doesn’t support the Mac.

But, no worries now. John’s baby steps approach. One by one, file by file allowed me to “Get It”.

Step 6 – Test the Blog – Simple enough. We go to the themes page in the side bar. If the new themes are there and can be activated, which they are and work, then we’re done with this step and moving on.

Step 7 – Get Aweber Autoresponder (Must Watch) – John explains in this video why you need to use Aweber. Not only because that is what he demonstrates in the videos but, also explains why they are the best. He had started out with a different one and it got much more expensive to use real fast. Plus, not all his mail was getting through the lists email filters.

Aweber is a must.

Step 8 – Create Aweber List – This is where you should open the Updates PDF for this week to see what is different now than it was 2 years ago. As you know…we baby step through it and create our mailing list.

Step 9 – Edit Confirmation Settings – Here we set up our email confirmation pages so when some one opts in to our list they are forced to double opt in by going to their email to confirm for sure that they do in fact want to be on our list. You must have a double opt in mailing list. Others have said you can use single opt in to get more subscribers. DON’T!! With the spam laws in place now and in the future it is not worth the risk. So you may not get a subscriber here and there. It doesn’t matter because they were not a good “targeted” prospect anyway if they chose to not confirm. It’s all good.

Step 10 – Edit Sign Up Settings – Again refer to the Updates PDF as you follow along with the video. Aweber has changed their site around a bit. So the PDF will help you through it.

Step 11 – Get Aweber Code – This is pretty straight forward and simple. Refer to the PDF again to see which code to grab.

Step 12 – Edit Aweber Code – This shows the long version of how to edit the code but, doesn’t hurt to go through it anyway. I did my code the old way and it worked plus I learned how to read the html code a little better. Anyway, we have our code and on to the next step.

Step 13 – Add Code to Blog – Shows where and how to paste the new html code into the blog index within the WordPress editor. Simple. Simple.

Step 14 – Final Settings – We change some settings in the WordPress Settings Tab. And we are done for this week.

Final Step – We send our URL to John so he can check our blog to make sure we are ready to move on. I think I am in good shape but still have my fingers crossed. 😉

On to Week 4….

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