John Thornhill’s Coaching – Week 6

WEEK 6 of John’s Coaching Program

Sorry, I have been a bit busy in the real world and am a couple weeks behind schedule.

I am currently in writing my ebook mode so in trying to stay focused I have not posted.

Ok, back to the action.

Week 6 is for finishing up our Ebook so the pdf is basically a congrats on being a few days away from our first digital product.

The Checklist is for Finishing Ebook then re-read our ebook making improvements and do this cycle again referring back to Operation Ebook. Wait a day or 2 to re-read it again making improvements as you go.

After this process and you think your ebook it the best it can possibly be you have at least 1 good friend read it, preferably 2 friends that will give their honest opinion while also keeping an eye out for typo’s, spelling errors, and grammar errors.

Audio Download

Darren Todd this week interviews John about list building. How important having a list, building that list, AND keeping that list by giving very valuable Solid content. Over delivering. Very good commentary on this subject.


One video this week. Since we are finishing up our ebook adding content where needed adding polish. We are to take the book chapter by chapter, beginning to end. Then we are to read the ebook making improvements as we go. Then, read again…making improvements as we go.

Then he wants us to wait 1-2 days away from the book. He says at this stage over these 1-2 days many ideas will continue to pop in our heads and when we return we are fresh with many new ideas and as we read through once more we will probably add a substantial amount of content to our ebook this time around.

Then we need to find 2 people that will give us their honest opinion about our book and have them read it to not only spot grammar and spelling errors but to critique our work but offer opinions on what is good and what needs improved upon or explained more thoroughly.

At anytime during this process if we get stuck or need help we are to contact John right away to get our problem fixed so we are ready to move on.

Week 7 is next…..stay tuned.


BTW, I have decided from here on out I am just going to do an overview of each week. Not so much detail. John has set this up as a 16 week course for a reason and I think giving so much detail each week will only do a disservice to his program. He doesn’t want anyone jumping ahead and therefore getting sidetracked or caught up in details of tasks that are weeks away instead of the task at hand.

This is a wonderful course and you should take advantage at such a low price. Also, you can refer back to any week as you proceed or after you complete it for life. Or the next 16 years at least. I think that is what he said about how many years he secured the domain for.

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