John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program – Week 5

Week 5 Overview

I’m a bit behind schedule with this post as we are about to start week 6. Seemed like every time I sat down to get into this week’s assignments the phone would ring and “Can you do this?”, “Can you meet me here and help me with this…all night? And before I knew it the week was gone. Lesson learned…Do Not Procrastinate for Even a Minute!!

Anyway, on to this week 5 overview.

Again we have the Checklist and the Updates PDF’s with the Updates describing the different look of 1and1 Domain Hosting website. Which we have already used earlier in the class so nothing new really.

The PlanetDivinity site is slightly different as well. This is where John’s gets his sales page graphics done and suggests we do the same and gives us a link for a special deal for his coaching students only. is different as well but actually is pretty much a no brainer now on how to download the program. For those who are unaware, OpenOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Word. Works the same except no cost. If you already have Word you can use that if you prefer. Besides TextDocument formerly known as “Writer”, the Word equivalent, you also get Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing, Database, and Formula which are the equivalents of the other MS Office programs. And you can download many, many templates depending on your needs for all sorts of things….including an eBook template, Perfect.

OpenOffice also offers for download many extensions to help you do more with this incredible program. It is amazing to me that it is free. Get it here.

We are shown new style of Clickbank (which we have seen earlier in this class) and the new look of Elance, which offers outsourcing services, which we learn about in this weeks videos.

And that is it for the Updates pdf this week.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, the normal week overview pdf is now in audio form because John wants to show us there is more than one way to skin a cat in product creations. OK, he didn’t say anything about skinning a cat but you get my meaning.

Fast Track Option

We get a link to John’s One Month Mentor class for those who do don’t want to wait the entire 16 weeks to get going. Check it out here if you like.

Audio Consultation

Audio this week is with John, Dave Nicholson, and Dan Briffa. Dan explains how he has had initial success in product creation and sales. The three of then discuss different options for Dan moving forward….pricing and such. Very enlightening.


John does an intro and gives us some product creation tips to get us moving.

More video which explain your product name and purchasing its domain and ordering your sales page graphics which has a special discount for his students.

We learn how to use OpenOffice, how to create chapters in our ebook, creating hyperlinks to link out of your ebook to certain offers if you choose. And we learn about outsourcing the actual writing of the ebook if you believe you cannot write or just don’t want to write it or are pressed for time. John suggests Elance for this.

Bonus Material

We get an excellent Bonus eBook this week Operation eBook ($37 value) which John want us to read completely before we proceed with this weeks tasks. This is where I am at right now. About half way through the book so I am going to sign off for now so I can get this book done and proceed so I can catch up with the rest of the class.

See you in a day or so with Week 6 impressions…








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