John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching – Week 4

In Week 4 we begin researching product creation. First in the primary PDF John shows us how to develop a list of 10 core topics that we can then research to see which ones could be most profitable and of those which we are most interested in. He says even though one topic may be more profitable than another that should not be the determining factor.

We should choose a topic that is most likely to be profitable AND that we are most interested in. The more excited we are about our chosen niche the better. You don’t want to be developing a product in a niche that doesn’t interest you very much or you flat-out don’t like.

In the updates this week John shows the different look of the Clickbank, Google, and Ebay sites so we can follow along easily in the videos.

Audio this week is between John and a former student of this very training program, Jacinta Dean. She describes where she is right now in her business and where she wants to go from here. They discuss different avenues including joint ventures with people who are already involved in online marketing and also helping others who have very little experience online, if any, to develop products of their own that she has spotted in their lives. Be it their work, hobbies, etc.

I can relate to this and so will you once you have an online mindset if you don’t already. You will see special skills or stories others can tell in ebooks or show in videos. Such as friends, relatives, and others that you meet.

The audio is over an hour in length and has a wealth of information that you will also be considering down the road. But is still good to hear it now so you have it in the back of your mind so when you get to that point where you are ready to expand your business, branch out you will realize it a little easier and come back to this audio to focus on it easier. Rather than getting to that point in your business and thinking…”What Now?”

Also there is an audio transcript so you can print it off to read or dissect a little easier and take notes if need be. There are audio transcripts of all the audio consultations from every week in case I haven’t mentioned it.


In the videos this week John takes through our list of core topics and shows us how decipher the ones that will likely be most profitable with different techniques and searches at Clickbank, Google, and eBay. Each video focusing on a different technique.

Final task this week is between now and Week 5 we should do research on our topics, lots of it. Not taking notes really just searching those 3 sites, signing up for newsletters related to your topic(s), and generally consuming information on what is popular or what others are doing in the niche. I think he said 6-8 hours of just research.

Surfing the net doing research, reading, watching videos or whatever. I imagine that most will put in more that 6-8 hours, I know I will anyway.

And that’s it for this week.

See you next week…

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