Tapping Into the Power of Your Mac

Are You New to Mac?

Being a recent Macintosh convert I can tell you at first I was thinking, “Uh-oh, was this the right decision?”. Because of the differences between the Mac and the PC (Piece of Crap). Switching to Mac was really a no-brainer in terms of productivity because all the PC nightmares are long gone. Like virus this and firewall that, wondering how long it would be before the PC crashed for no reason, etc, etc.

I went through 3 PC’s in 2 years. One of which was mine alone. Nobody else was allowed to use it. Business only, no music or movie downloads, no funky software, no nothing. Lifespan of said PC? Just over 1 year, right after the warranty ran out. I was able to limp along with it for another 6 months but when it was time to buy new, the extra cost of the Mac was not an issue because of all the money that had poured into past PC’s not to mention the constant worries that come along with it.

Anyway….Let’s get into the learning curve I encountered as you may have. I didn’t think there would be much of a learning curve because I have an iPhone and it has been so easy to use and learn I figured the Mac would be the same. For the most part it has but, switching from MS Office Suite to the Mac counterparts was like night and day.

The Mac software was sooo much better in terms of the things they are capable of but, still much different. I know that you can get MS Office for Mac or I could split my hard drive and make a Mac/PC hybrid but, I wanted nothing to do with PC or the problems that come with it. I didn’t want to chance it. Plus, the extra expense of Office for Mac ($120 +/-) or MS 7 OS cost ($120 +) and I would still need to pay for the full version of Office for PC, forget that.

So I went looking for tutorials on YouTube, searching Google, etc. Tons of videos from hundreds of different people but was not satisfied with the quality or depth these tutorials went into each program. Finally I found a fantastic site where they have tutorials for not only basic Mac OS, Pages, Numbers, iMovie, and the rest of standard Mac programs but also many, many specialized software such as Dreamweaver, Adobe CS, Final Cut Pro, MS Office, Photoshop, and much more.

Including Into to XHTML and WordPress and Advanced XHTML and WordPress, too. The instructors are all great. They know the Mac backwards and forwards and yet teach in a very non-techie manner. It is very easy for anyone to go from Duh?!? to Wow!! in a very short period.

Although not free they do have free previews of all tutorials so you can see how in-depth and detailed they are, as well as, how well the instructors are, too. And the pricing is way below what I expected. You can either purchase downloads of just the tutorials you want for viewing offline if you choose. But, the best deal is subscription based which allows you to view unlimited tutorials each and every month you are a member.

Check the Pricing Guide Here then browse around, watch some previews, and I am sure you will agree there are no better Mac tutorials anywhere on the web or off. They have monthly and annual subscriptions which both allow unlimited viewing but, the annual subscription gives a substantial discount.

P.S. I just remembered you can stream your tutorials on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any browser…even on a PC if you are away from your Mac.

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