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Google has a new tool available within their Keyword Tool that makes it much easier and faster to drill down a niche. After plugging in your primary keyword or phrase into the box at the top of the page as normal, choose your preferences, and hit search….now there is a tab next to the normal keyword list. The normal keyword list returns up to 800 keywords and phrases closely related to your primary. Of course, you know this already so lets move on. The new tab to the right is called Ad Group Ideas (Beta) which has taken the keywords from the main list and categorized them for you in more closely related groups. They do this to help you spend more money with them quicker but, you can also use it to drill down niches much easier and faster. I always hated seperating keywords into related sub-categories. It was such a tedious duty and time consuming too. Now when researching a niche we can get a good idea of popularity of a niche and which sub-niches appear to be more profitable by search volume. Granted, there is more involved with zeroing in on a profitable niche but this new tab will make a world of difference in pre-qualifying a niche without having to do the categorizing task yourself. Not to mention when we want to do a quick search for “related keywords + blog” to find the top blogs for a given keyword so to snipe some free traffic from top blogs by leaving our link in the comments. Remember, of course, to provide quality information in your post comment. You don’t want to just say “Hey, great post, come check my website.” This won’t work, will be labeled as spam and the website owner will likely ban you from commenting in the future. Check out the New GoogleSearch¬†Feature¬†Here

2 thoughts on “Simple Niche Research Tool”

  1. Getting guest blogger gigs at blogs that are tops in Google for your related niche is real difficult since those blogs are hit daily with many, many requests. So they have a hard time accommodating most requests just for the number they get.

    Depending on how many you plan to submit or if you want to guest post a couple different blogs a week I would search for (looking for guest blogger + your niche) or different keywords/sub categories in your niche to find blogs that are looking for people like you to guest post.

    It’s much easier to get gigs with blogs “who are looking for you” than those that are turning most people away. The traffic may be substantially smaller than those bigger sites but you will be pulling traffic from many different blogs instead of getting lost at the big one if in fact you are allowed to post with them.

    Plus, if they are looking for guest bloggers to where they post it on their blog you are not only getting good links but better links because it is an article instead of just a comment link. And you can cover more ground this way. If you go after the little fish first. The big fish may come looking for YOU. Or you may have an easier time of landing the big fish once you’ve spread your net out wide enough.

    Does this make sense?

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