Opportunities Everywhere

In this business it is a good idea to keep your eyes and mind open. Always keeping your brain churning out new ideas for books, courses, joint venture partners…thinking outside the box is key also. Even when you have your blinders on while working on one project. Keep your mind open to new ideas to follow up with later. And by all means write it down.

I keep my notes in notepad on my phone and iPad…I also have multiple tablets filled with notes and ideas that I jot down whether I get an idea or twist on what others are doing while watching a webinar or burning through a new ebook or Kindle book.

I had an “aha” moment yesterday and after a little research today that “aha” turned into a “holy shit” moment. Still researching to be sure it is for real and of course will need to do some personal testing before I write any ebook or put together any course. But, it does look like an incredible opportunity.

Funny thing is I haven’t seen any talk of it yet. Some will say that it’s not likely a money maker then. I don’t believe that logic holds true just because it hasn’t been done before. There are many things in life and in business that slip through the cracks when you’re not paying attention or not even looking in the right direction.

If all works out with my testing then of course my subscribers will get first shot at it for a deep discount before it is available anywhere else.

How did I come across it? Luck really….just one of those things. I was in the right place at the right time with my mind wide open. It’s amazing what you can catch when your mind is wide open.

I know, I know…..you’re saying, “But, what the hell is it? At least give us a little hint or something.”

But, it is still too early for that. Even though it may be a Grand Slam opportunity there is a chance that it is not viable for any number of reasons that I don’t know about while on the outside looking in. Plus, I don’t want to just blurt it out and have you lose focus of what you’re currently working on to run off like a chicken with it’s head cut off in an entirely different direction.

I have another ebook I am trying to finish up and a membership in a non-IM niche I want to get rolling so I too have other things to keep focused on. But, be sure if this new idea turns out to the real deal and a true goldmine…you, my subscribers and readers will be the first to know.

Keeping your mind open to new opportunities is key in life and business.

Gotta go for now….later, later…


P.S. This new idea I am researching/testing isn’t anything I read about or a new super secret guru crap-tastic formula. Just an idea that looks very promising.

4 thoughts on “Opportunities Everywhere”

    1. Actually, now there are 2 top secret projects. Not so much top secret but I want to make sure that they are good or great opportunities before I post any specific details here. As you know there is way too many shiny things on the internet now to divert attention and I don’t want to do that to my readers if they are not as great of an opportunity as they look on the surface.

  1. Hi Darren, you are so right when you say that you must be open to new opportunities. I also believe that you must not lose focus on what you are presently doing. A new opportunity can always be put on the to do list for later. I also agree that it is a good habit to write ideas down because it is so easy to forget in our busy schedules. Thanks for the post.
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