Crazy Con Carny

I made an appearance at the local county fair Friday night. I normally steer clear of the capital of price gouging this time of year. But, when told of some amazing BBQ I couldn’t resist. And while it was good, it wasn’t amazing but just a ploy to get me out there. It worked. ­čśë

While walking through the midway area I was thinking….these carnies have quite a monopoly going because only they can have carnival games and rides, no one else. And it is a good thing for them because it wouldn’t take long for anyone with an ounce of marketing savvy to put them out of business, in the carnival games area anyway.

Now, they do make a killing on the….

$2/ 12 ping pong balls to maybe win a fish that will likely be dead within 24 hours. Our score this year – 3 fish. All 3 dead within a day + 1 dead crab. 1 crab still managing to hang on 3 days later (That is Amazing)(Not the BBQ).

Or the $2/ 1 dart. If you can pop a balloon with that dart you get something that rivals exchanging 10# of tickets at Chuckie Cheese. Worth roughly 10 cents. Woohoo! $2 more for another dart and if you manage the feat once again you will get 1 small stuffed bear which is quite a bargain considering the 1st round prize but still…Really???

And as I scan the area I don’t see anyone walking around with any real cool prizes just the big inflatable dolphins they buy in bulk for a quarter each or much less more than likely. Or a few people may have 5-6 dead fish in their water bags. Live now, dead tomorrow. Maybe by design to entice families to come out and win more fish the next day. Hmmm.

And on, and on, and on.

But, let’s look at this scenario a different way. Would it be more profitable to continue to screw over the patrons when they know full well they are getting hosed and in no way are they going to walk away on top or with a break even deal.


What if these carnival owners were to flip the script and make sure all their prizes are top notch or at least BIG, VERY BIG in some cases. They could buy in bulk at great rates as they do the cheap stuff. But, do you think they might turn a little better profit if more people were playing their games? Many More People, especially after the local radio station mentions all the great prizes they see people walking around with. Plus, other people asking, “Where did you get that Giant SpongeBob?” or something similar.

Instead of the carnies having to practically beg people to play their games there would be people lined up waiting to play.

They could make some games a little more challenging. And still others a little less….impossible!

After you get worked over enough by these carnivals you just stop playing.

Do these scenarios sound somewhat familiar in some ways to online marketing guru’s??? And their opposites, the marketers who give massive value to their customers???

Who do you think will hang around for the long term?

Luckily the shady guru’s shoveling crap don’t have a monopoly on the internet. Many are making a killing and have been for a long time.But, I feel a shift coming. I feel that those producing┬álegitimate┬ácourses┬áthat help real people┬álike you make money online will prevail.

One way or another the scammers will fade away. Either because they eventually ruin their names and no one will buy from them or the government will get involved and give these people a serious attitude adjustment along the lines of 5-10 years and/or heavy, heavy fines. The latter will get the attention of most and hopefully quell the insanity that has polluted this industry.

Until next time…..

Why are eBooks such an incredible opportunity?

With the advent of eBooks to the online marketplace it has taken what once was merely a pipe dream for most aspiring authors has not only allowed many to realize their dream of self-publishing but, has opened up an entirely new way of life for many.

Instead of continuing to grind it out at their typical 9-5 dead-end job. The ebook has given them the freedom to retire early to spend more quality time with their families or to just plain enjoy life and the world around us.

Still others use self-publishing to take the stress out of their lives by generating enough money to keep the bills paid that seem to never go away. That in itself is worth everything.

Also, writing your own work and self publishing allows you to receive profits indefinitely from the time you “work” to write, publish, and market your ebook. Whether you write 1 book or many.

No other avenue allows one to do this. Every other form of work in the real world you are paid by the hour, salary, or commission on sales. These types of jobs will not normally make you rich or wealthy. And most often you are lucky if you can keep your head above water.

The Possibilities are Endless

Let’s think about this for a moment. What if it took you 1 week to produce 1 ebook or small report on something you know well. Say to do with your real world job, a hobby, and practically any other subject you have in-depth knowledge about. Maybe in the beginning it takes you a month but once in the groove you produce 1 short report, about your expertise or hobby, every 40 hours.

While running the numbers lets assume you write and publish 10 ebooks or reports a year. And we will assume you sell these ebooks for $37 each. 10 per month of each book.

10 ebooks x 10 copies sold = 100/month

100 ebooks sold x $37 = $3700/month

That’s not to shabby where I come from….$44,400 per year.

This may not be enough to retire on for some of you but I am sure that it is more than enough for many to replace their income. Remember, this is ongoing income, residual. Month after month, year after year.

And that is just figuring 10 ebooks that sell 10 per month. That’s low balling it pretty good. And maybe you only charge $10/copy. That is $1000/month.

Who couldn’t find something to do with an extra Grand a month?

Many charge more than $37…much more. So depending on your expertise and competition in your niche or several niches you could very well write your own paycheck.

By the way, if you think you can’t write? You can! You just don’t know it yet. AND there are other ways to “write” your own ebook without writing a single word. It’s called PLR (Private Label Rights)

PLR is most generally an ebook someone else has written which you buy the rights to resell as is or edit the complete work and publish. You either edit it a little or a lot or not at all. You can also claim authorship, rename the book, whatever.

So you see, even if you haven’t realized that you can in fact write your own ebook. You can still get started making money online by using PLR till you get your feet wet and are confident to publish a work of your very own that no one has the rights to except you.

Now you are probably thinking, “Who do I get to show me how to self-publish or publish PLR for profit?”

Check my next post for who I recommend.

Oh, one other little morsel I will share with you.

Within your ebook you will sprinkle affiliate links throughout, which when your readers use those links and buy what you suggest you get a tidy little commission and other times large commission. Normally about 10% for physical products and most of the time 50 – 75% for digital goods.

That is the icing on your eBook cake. Yum!


John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching – Week 2

Here we are at Week 2, it seemed like forever getting here. I have been excited to move on as I know many others have been ready to move forward, as well.

The forum is starting to become more active. All have been helpful posts and I even solved someone’s problem. It made me feel good. I know how it is to hit a wall and not be able to figure it out. It is a welcome relief when someone gives you the solution to your problem that has been frustrating you. And it genuinely makes one feel good to help others. That is what the forum is all about, keeping one another on track and moving forward.

If you have not entered the forum yet you should do so. There is a wealth of information there and many willing and able to help along with John, of course.

Ok, on with Week 2

We get the PDF material: Week 2, Checklist, Updates

Week 2 pdf, John explains why we are taking it slow even though many want to jump ahead. He made it a 16 week coarse for the very reason that he want’s everyone to keep up and not get flustered with information overload as happens all to often when you are thrown a bunch of videos and 200 pages to consume.

Slow and easy, focused. Patience will be rewarded, he says.

Checklist is as before. Print and tick off each task when completed.

The Updates pdf goes over the different look of WordPress and Clickbank from what they looked like in the videos that were originally made 2 years ago.

Audio Consultation – Scott Voelker

Scott being consulted by John. Scott goes over where he came from jobs and things. Why he ventured online and how he got where he is plus gets advice from John on different aspects and tips on how to grow his business. Scott tells about his success and some issues that he encountered and how he is working rectify these issues. Is good info for those starting out, creating new products and procedures you should go through to avoid the same issues.

Step by Step Videos

Step 1 – Initial Preparation

Shows how to delete files from your web server using FileZilla, an FTP client (Windows and Mac Compatible). It is free to download. I prefer Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional (only works with Windows), costs a little after a try before you buy but is easier to use in my opinion.

UPDATE: John explains how to use FileZilla much better than any other person that I have seen. Ipswitch layout IS less “busy” and therefore less confusing. But, with the way John explain’s FileZilla, just go with that especially if you’re a Mac since Ipswitch is only for Windows.

Step 2 – Create Blog

We learn how to install WordPress via your cPanel. Very simple, done in no time. 5 minutes

Step 3 – Create Categories

We learn in this video how to get to your WordPress login page. Then once inside John shows how to set up our categories that show in the right side bar normally. You can change where your side bar is located later if you choose, right, left, or not at all. Plus, you can have 1 or 2 side bars, as well. You can play with the look and feel later once your blog begins to develop. A single, right hand column will do for now.

Step 4 – Create Links

John continues to show how to set up our links and categories. And also gives examples of what sort of categories to set up and where to link out. You will be able to place your posts and links in more than one category if need be.

We learn how to promote Clickbank products, how to get your affiliate links and place it in your blog. Then we test our affiliate links to be sure they are working correctly.

This video is about 10 minutes long and if you already have your Clickbank account set up it shouldn’t take much longer to do what you’re instructed.

Step 5 – Final Preparations

In final prep we edit the About page and delete the default home page post. 3 minutes.

Step 6 – Start Posting

All the tech stuff is over for this week. John wants us to start posting. At least 5 posts over the next 5 days. After 3 days we sign up for Google Adsense.

Shows us how to Bold text, insert affiliate links and place each post into a category. And also how to add categories on the fly.

Shows where to go to sign up for Adsense.

Week 2 Done.

That’s it for this week. Except participating in the forum by getting help or giving it out to those who may have hit a snag.



John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching – Week 1

Week 1 is fairly simple for anyone who has set up their own blog or website before.

We got Week 1 PDF’s called

Week 1 – which basically gives us an overview of how John got started in online marketing and a brief overview of his youth and education basically let us know he left school at 16 with few qualifications meaning that anyone can make it online and they don’t need to be a computer whiz or college educated to do so.

Checklist – I printed this 1 page PDF so I could check off each task as it was completed as someone totally new should do. After each video step you check off your task and know you are ready for the next week once your checklist is done.

Updates –┬áThis pdf is for those of us doing the coaching program the second time around. John originally did this coaching program 2 years ago. So he shows in this document how the Domain Name Registrar and Domain Hosting Websites look now as opposed to 2 years ago and in the videos so we can easily complete our tasks.

Audio of the Week – Is a phone consultation between John and Jerry Holliday discussing how Jerry can improve his business using some of John’s experiences and tactics. I downloaded this so I could listen again at any time.

Step by Step Videos –┬áThese videos are truly step by step even baby step for a complete beginner down to how exactly to copy and paste instead of just saying copy and paste and having someone lost right off the bat. When I saw this I knew this was going to be an excellent course which shows in detail how to get your own business off the ground and producing results. Many claim step by step for the complete beginner but John’s course here is the first I have seen to deliver.

Step 1 – Buy Domain Name

John suggests using 1and1 which is very good. I use GoDaddy just because I like to keep most of my domains all in one place. Use either one and you will do fine.

This is pretty straight foreword. John shows how to purchase your domain name and in the event the domain you want is not available what options you have as an alternative. As in, if is not available then go with or some other options.

This is super easy – done in less than 10 minutes.

Step 2 – Register With D9 Hosting Company

Shows step by step how to register your hosting account. If you already have hosting with cPanel you can use that and just follow along in the video.

Step 3 – Edit DNS Settings

This shows you how to direct your domain name to your hosting account. Another simple task. Copy and Paste your hosting account DNS settings to your domain DNS settings and your done.

5 minutes at the most.

Step 4 – Set Up Email Accounts

Here John shows us how to set up our website domain email accounts and also how to forward all email to your primary email account like Mac Mail, Windows Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

A little more involved but still step by step by John so done in about 20 minutes.

Step 5 – Test Everything

We test our Domain name in the browser to be sure everything is working correctly and what to check if not.

Check your email forwarding and troubleshooting.

And we are done for this week. Very Simple and geared for the complete beginner. ALso keeps everyone in the class together not allowing others to jump ahead. This is best to keep everyone at the same stage.

Peer-to-Peer Help Forum and Inner Circle Forum

We register here to the forum for those experiencing problems with any of the steps can get help from others with more skill or have experienced the same issues and have resolved them. Also, John and Daniel (Moderator) are here to help with any other issues that come up.

Week 1 is very simple in my opinion even for a beginner but I am sure is designed that way to bring everyone along slowly at first as to not overwhelm anyone.