Quick Start Challenge 2.0

Wow…I’ve been away way too long. Frustration, overwhelm, and procrastination had gotten the better of me. Especially that last one. Procrastination is the worst because it is the opposite of action. Consistent action I am told snowballs into ongoing success whereas procrastination is a virus that keeps you from it. Doing something proactive every day will keep me involved and focused on my goals. Putting something off for even one day can leave you stranded for who knows how long. Tomorrow never comes and life tends to throw you curve balls when you “plan” on doing this or that tomorrow.

What brought me back?

  • The Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo

QSC 2.0 is a coaching program for beginners and those of us who have gotten stuck or lazy or both. It is to get me refocused and help me get results in my online business quick plus help build consistent income going forward.

That is key for me. I have made some money online. I still get a random check in the mail every 3 or 4 months for here or there. Normally less than a hundred bucks. Better than a poke in the eye, yes…but not what I want from my online business.

I have thrown myself into several things in the past. I mean really committed to them, ignoring all else. Really giving it a go. Turns out I committed my energy to the wrong programs. “But you are making money.” you say. Just keep doing what you are doing, scale it up till you are making the dough I desire? The money is only part of it…Freedom is most important. I would need 1,000 or more websites, niche blogs or whatever to get there. There is a ton of work involved in 1,000 blogs or even 100 blogs. Updating themes and plugins would be a full time job. Yes, I could outsource but I believe there is a better way to get the freedom I desire. I have tasted that freedom and I want it back.

The Quick Start Challenge will be my vehicle to propel me toward that freedom. Dean says, “QSC isn’t a get rich quick system, it’s a get rich…forever system.” And I believe him.

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