Quick Start Challenge – Week 2 Challenge

Well, I knew this was coming. I knew Dean was going to have us do a video on camera to send out to the world. I figured I better get it done before the fear and procrastination got the better of me again. I said at the beginning that I was going to do whatever it took, whatever Dean asked me to do I was going to do it.

Though not great and obviously needing a tan in a major way, I believe I did ok. Maybe better eye contact with the camera, too. But for somebody that is very camera shy I think it’s a good start. Heck, I wrote an entire book on how to avoid this very thing of being on camera for those who are extremely camera shy. At this writing it is in the upper right corner of this website if you’re interested. Actually, it’s a good read for any solo marketer in a real world, non internet marketing type niche but, that’s for another post.

Besides making more videos which should get easier with every one I do, it should be fairly smooth sailing from here on out since my biggest fear is out of the way. Not conquered by any means but, the first hurdle is past which is normally the hardest.

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