Starting From Zero – Part 2

I have been thinking about my earlier post and wanted to add something to it.

Starting over from zero or from scratch is really not possible. It is not like starting over from scratch like when I first came online poking around looking to make some extra money. Because you cannot delete all the knowledge you have gained from your brain.

When I have read others talk about this they say if they had to start over with nothing they would do this or that…blah, blah, blah. But, there is no starting over from scratch. And that is a very good thing. As I would not want to go through the massive learning curve again or wade through all the crap that is out there.

Just re-focusing my efforts and concentrating on one task at a time will do wonders, I believe. Not following several different mentors but I will whittle it down to a few that give me not only valuable teachings but when I do as they say I gradually begin to see some return on my investment. Not only money, that is important, especially one who has no credit cards and cannot just buy my way there with high-end coaching and all the software and stuff right away. Investment in time is a huge factor. You can’t replace that like you can money in one way or another.

Rather than say I am starting over I should say I am re-focusing my mindset to what needs to be done NOW…today. And then the next day and the next. I know how to get there, I just need to walk the path. It would be faster with a motor bike but, I know that is not likely because there are no free rides.

I could outsource it except I wouldn’t feel good about that for the plain fact that I would not LEARN anything. Why would anyone want to build a business and risk if it all went to hell not be able to fix it because you didn’t take the time to learn the skills to do it yourself? Or what if your outsourced help knows you need them? When someone KNOWS you NEED THEM their price goes up most of the time. Anyone see the price of gas lately? Actually, I am amazed that it took them a 100 years to figure it out. What ever the price is we will pay it.

I don’t want to turn this into a rant about gas.

So to tie this up…starting over or wiping the slate clean can be a good thing. Clear everything away that is not producing the results you desire and move in the direction where you want to end up. If that means taking 2-3 evenings to fully grasp how to edit video with iMovie or whatever program you use, or some other program or skill you have avoided because it scared the hell out of you.

Just get on with it. The only one who can fix your situation is you. All the best mentors in the business cannot build your business for you. You and I need to take their knowledge and direction, a scary as it may seem at times, and run with it.

Sometimes you gotta say…What the F..,,(you know the rest). The point is…if we take action, what is the worst that can happen? A lot of the time that is what holds us back. Worrying about possibly failing in our online endeavors. The fact is…no one knows you yet…so who cares. If you don’t take action now it only means you will have to take action at some point in the future OR give up and go back to the real world and your real shitty job knowing that there is a better life online.

Continue pushing forward, learning the skills and techniques to get us where we want to be….we will get there, you and I, eventually…preferably sooner rather than later.

Taking action NOW is the only clear choice.

And I’m off again. Looks like I’m only getting 4 hours sleep tonight (this morning) so I need to split.

See you tomorrow…

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