Starting Over From Zero

I have decided to pretty much clear my plate and start again from zero. Well, not quite zero but, close to it. I have spent a few years online trying to “make it”. I am pretty sure I have tried about everything imaginable to do so. I bet some of you reading this know where I’m coming from on this point.

To be clear, I have made some money online but, nothing substantial or consistant. I get a check in the mail now and then every few months from Share-a-Sale or Google or Amazon. But nothing I can count on to pay the bills or be able to purchase anything with confidence that I’ll have the money to replenish the bank account.

That money comes from Adsense on a few blogs I own after going through one course that called for expanding the model into a 100 or more sites. No thanks. I cannot even imagine being able to keep track of that many sites, especially blogs. Can you imagine having to update plug-ins and WordPress itself on 100 blogs? I would need a full time staff to just do that. That is not what pulled me into online marketing.

I do have some affiliate stuff set up on a few of those blogs that pulls commissions from Share-a-Sale and Amazon but again, nothing dependable.

I have an ebook sitting on my hard drive that I have not released because it wasn’t “just right”. It will be released real soon AND I am going to give it away dirt cheap. Getting the show on the road, so to speak.

Those other sites are not working toward my longterm goals or even my short term goals so I am going to letting them go. Some would say, “You should sell them.” Maybe but, then I would be wasting more time going through that whole process instead of investing my time wisely by taking my business forward instead of taking out the trash from the past. I highly doubt I could even make enough from those sites to even be worth it.

So from here on out I am going to make a commitment to myself and to you my readers to post regularly to my blog here keeping you abreast of what I AM DOING…Daily.  Being accountable to myself and to you. Sharing new things I learn, products I USE that have given me good value AND are working for me. At the moment I am involved in only one membership which I will delve into further later today or tomorrow in another post.

My goals for the next week are:

  1. Learn something new everyday, even if it is small.
  2. Get my niche membership set up.
  3. Set up my aWeber list for that niche squeeze page.
  4. Hook them together and test the sequence so I know everything is working.
  5. Get the freebie videos edited and uploaded to Amazon S3
  6. Decide if I am going to upsell the remaining videos or give them away as well.
  7. Post to my blog here daily.

Originally I was just going to give myself a few tasks for the next few days but, some of these things may take some time so let’s make it a week.

8:59 and I am off to get a bite to eat. I will see you back here tomorrow.


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