What Products Should I Promote?

This is an easy answer for me. I only promote products that I use and benefit me either by…..

$M-O-N-E-Y$ in my back account or simplifies a task in my business that needs done so in turn I can accomplish more…..faster, which will help the bottom line, too.

So many marketers will promote whatever, whenever to make a buck. Their argument on this point is that “they are marketers so the market”. When in reality they pass themselves off as teachers and they want the best for YOU their readers and subscribers. Then they MARKET to you rather than truely help you.

They do ad swaps with other marketers which is when one or more marketers do a “Joint Venture” where they each send a promotion to their respective lists the other guys product or offer without even seeing if it is viable. It is for doing a couple of things. They will generate some sales but primarily it builds their lists. They all preach about building relationships with their lists. How that is key but, in reality they do none of it.

They are building their lists as big as they can as fast as they can. And you lose out in that scenario. Because no way can they possibly test any program to be sure it works within the launch window of any given product. That is garbage.

Before I move on, my idea of a Joint Venture is when 2 or more people get together to make an info product, a service, software, or something. Joining forces to put out a better product. Remember when Steve Jobs announced Apple’s “new business partner” some years back and everyone about shit in their pants when it was none other than Big Bill (Gates) staring down at them from the giant screen above the stage like Darth Vader or something? That was epic, not only in impact at the moment, but also impact on APPLE and MICROSOFT’s business’. That was a great joint venture for them.

Joint Venture should be known only as the joining of forces by 2 or more people or companies to produce an excellent product for the end consumer. That’s it.

Something else that really bothers me with the business as usual tactics that go on is everyone who use this ad swap deal states on their squeeze pages and elsewhere that they won’t rent or sell your information to ANYBODY!

Trading lists to promote your products is a transaction. They are renting their list to the other marketer. The PRICE? Use of the other marketers list. If it were not renting then anyone who says its ok should mail their entire list for me or you or anybody for free.

And it has nothing to do with how great your product is….it matters how big your list is and how responsive it is….even if you had the best thing since sliced bread they would not send it to their list if you yourself didn’t have a comparable list. Even though they’re building “relationships” with their list. They say they only want whats best for you guys on their list. All they want is for you to succeed. Right?

That is such a load of shit. These people need to stop talking out of both sides of their mouthes.

I’ll go over another tactic these guys AND gals use to expand their own business’ under the guise of “helping you build your business” in an upcoming post. Instead of just being straight with you they do not give you the whole picture. I despise the sneaky shit.

To wrap it up, I promote what I use. If I don’t use it I won’t promote it unless it does look amazing and is on my “To Buy List”. To explain, I use Profits Theme because it is the best theme I have seen for product developers. Even if your not very techie (ME) it is much easier to use than any other theme for building sales funnels. Well, they make some other plugins that are also no-brainer buys in my opinion because they have built a better mouse trap for those specific products.

Most of us cannot go out and buy whatever crosses our path at any whipstitch so I have a TO BUY LIST. This I feel is somewhat okay to promote but is a pretty gray area since I am not actually using it. In which case I’ll just tell you why I want it and why I think it is something to check out.

I can see why the other guys do the ad swaps and things or just blindly promote whatever. They probably started out with this same philosophy as I have but let it get way out of control.

And still others are just dirtbags looking to milk you and me out of every cent they can. They are easy to spot and many will even brag about it.

So thats my little rant for today. I’ll see you again in a few days, maybe even tomorrow.



P.S. If the occasional swearing offends you I am sorry about that but I can also tell you that it will continue. I cannot sugar coat who I am and that’s just the way it is. If we are ever in a pub together drinking a few beers, talking shop then I can almost guarantee I will be swearing much more than I do here on my blog. 😉

Cheers..and catch ya later…

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