Why are eBooks such an incredible opportunity?

With the advent of eBooks to the online marketplace it has taken what once was merely a pipe dream for most aspiring authors has not only allowed many to realize their dream of self-publishing but, has opened up an entirely new way of life for many.

Instead of continuing to grind it out at their typical 9-5 dead-end job. The ebook has given them the freedom to retire early to spend more quality time with their families or to just plain enjoy life and the world around us.

Still others use self-publishing to take the stress out of their lives by generating enough money to keep the bills paid that seem to never go away. That in itself is worth everything.

Also, writing your own work and self publishing allows you to receive profits indefinitely from the time you “work” to write, publish, and market your ebook. Whether you write 1 book or many.

No other avenue allows one to do this. Every other form of work in the real world you are paid by the hour, salary, or commission on sales. These types of jobs will not normally make you rich or wealthy. And most often you are lucky if you can keep your head above water.

The Possibilities are Endless

Let’s think about this for a moment. What if it took you 1 week to produce 1 ebook or small report on something you know well. Say to do with your real world job, a hobby, and practically any other subject you have in-depth knowledge about. Maybe in the beginning it takes you a month but once in the groove you produce 1 short report, about your expertise or hobby, every 40 hours.

While running the numbers lets assume you write and publish 10 ebooks or reports a year. And we will assume you sell these ebooks for $37 each. 10 per month of each book.

10 ebooks x 10 copies sold = 100/month

100 ebooks sold x $37 = $3700/month

That’s not to shabby where I come from….$44,400 per year.

This may not be enough to retire on for some of you but I am sure that it is more than enough for many to replace their income. Remember, this is ongoing income, residual. Month after month, year after year.

And that is just figuring 10 ebooks that sell 10 per month. That’s low balling it pretty good. And maybe you only charge $10/copy. That is $1000/month.

Who couldn’t find something to do with an extra Grand a month?

Many charge more than $37…much more. So depending on your expertise and competition in your niche or several niches you could very well write your own paycheck.

By the way, if you think you can’t write? You can! You just don’t know it yet. AND there are other ways to “write” your own ebook without writing a single word. It’s called PLR (Private Label Rights)

PLR is most generally an ebook someone else has written which you buy the rights to resell as is or edit the complete work and publish. You either edit it a little or a lot or not at all. You can also claim authorship, rename the book, whatever.

So you see, even if you haven’t realized that you can in fact write your own ebook. You can still get started making money online by using PLR till you get your feet wet and are confident to publish a work of your very own that no one has the rights to except you.

Now you are probably thinking, “Who do I get to show me how to self-publish or publish PLR for profit?”

Check my next post for who I recommend.

Oh, one other little morsel I will share with you.

Within your ebook you will sprinkle affiliate links throughout, which when your readers use those links and buy what you suggest you get a tidy little commission and other times large commission. Normally about 10% for physical products and most of the time 50 – 75% for digital goods.

That is the icing on your eBook cake. Yum!


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